Prepare the Home for Listing

What is listing the home?

Contact a licensed real estate professional to help you list your home. Your agent will have access to listing services that help to connect sellers to buyers such as the MLS. He or she will be able to list your property for sale.

Staging the home:

Staging your home is important because it eliminates distractions so that potential buyers are able to focus on the best features of your home.

Some of the ways you can prepare your home for and open-house or walk-through are:

  • Clean! Clean! Clean!
  • Eliminate clutter!
  • Fix anything that is broken! i.e. fill those nail holes in the walls and fix those leaky faucets!
  • Keep colors neutral!
  • Remove personal items such as pictures or religious items that may distract buyers from the house.
  • If needed, replace carpets, paint, or anything else that needs to be done to make your house more attractive to potential buyers!

Marketing your home